About Nameology- Numerology Calculator

Nameology is a Vedic science based on Astrology-Numerology principals. In this website you can check basic name numerology predictions for your baby name, and set right so that you get maximum positive effect. You can also check for your lucky date, lucky colour, lucky numbers, lucky gem stones

Name decides Good Luck or Bad Luck. You can have a perfect name so beneficial as a sacred mantra if you want to be lucky. Or if you are unlucky, you can have a name which is as evil as a curse. The answer is in applying the correct scientific principles of Nameology, in the design of names. To result in Success, effort alone is not enough,. Luck or good fortune can take effect only for the people who are blessed with the correct names. According to nameology concept, anyone can choose to be rich or poor, good or evil, healthy or sick, happy or miserable, fortunate or unfortunate, famous or notorious, victorious or defeated depending on the correctness their individual names. Name should be designed based on the date of birth, time of birth, numerology, palm readings, astrological data, the status of planetary positions and their conjoined implications in any one’s life.


From the moment you are born, you are allocated Numbers that are important to you: Your Date of Birth , Passport Number, House Number, Social Security Number, Bank Account Number and Vehicle Number to name but a few. In this Course, you will learn a great deal about the Magic of Numbers including their symbolic significance. Numbers have their own vibrations and secret meanings.

our study has found that your name does have significant effect on your health wealth and happiness. If your name is giving you a positive vibration than there is no issue but when your name gives you negative effect it makes your life miserable.

Thus this science grew and flourished and it became widely practiced as people began to accept and recognize the great impact Numerology vibrations have in our lives. Numerology is complimentary to Astrology readings since Numerology is based on the numerical vibrations in your name and birth date.

Benefits of Nameology-Numerology

  1. Power your name to positive energy.
  2. Self realizing the super natural power of number & positive vibration.
  3. Tremendous increase in Self belief.
  4. Flow and Feel of Positive energy.
  5. Creates positive environment around you.
  6. It has good effect on health and wealth.
  7. Negative energy is wiped out.
  8. Adds charms to your personality.
  9. Improves Career and Growth prospects.
  10. Enhances Financial Status.
  11. Finds Appropriate Solutions to Promote Performance Excellence in Professional & Personal Life.
  12. Gain Grace Under Pressure.
  13. Develops Empowerment to Sustain Performance.
  14. Leads to Happy and Peaceful Life.

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