About Nakshatra / Birth star Calculator

Nakshatra or lunar mansion is one of the 27 divisions of the sky, identified by the prominent star(s) in them, used in Jyotisha. We at Online Media Software Technology’s have developed a very unique and user friendly janam nakshatra calculator where in it would not only generate the baby nakshatra / birth star but will also give an option to chose modern baby names as per nakshatra as well.

Traditional Baby Naming Technique

Astrologers teach that when a child is born, they should be given an auspicious first name which will correspond to the child's Nakshatra/ Birth Star. It is claimed that the benefit of this naming is that when the child hears this sound it generates the feeling of wholeness within the child. The child gains the feeling of comfort 'that mother is at home', whereas the wrong name can lead to feelings of isolation or alienation. The Moon is associated with mother, so using this sound gives the child that comfort feeling of mother. If baby name is set as per nakshatra it would always give positive vibration so that you baby would prosper, be confidant and would be empowered to fight negativity.

Each birthstar has corresponding Sanskrit sounds which would belong at the beginning of such a name. The principle technique for deducing the name is to see which nakshatra the moon is in at the moment of birth; this gives four possible sounds.

The other option to name baby is to name your child as per moon sign as well.

We have provided a very easy to access links on baby names based on both nakshatra and moon sign as well.